Preparing for my first business trip

So last week Tuesday, I had an amazing day.  It felt like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.

The week before the amazing day I mentioned above, I went to the Department of Home Affairs to finally change my surname in my identity book and passport to my married surname.  I am pretty attached to my maiden surname but the thought of my future kid(s) having a different surname to me is more than I can bear.  Plus a double barrel surname was just not going to work in this case.  Uresha Moodley-Chetty.  Nope.  Not gonna work.

A few days after my trip to Home Affairs I received a text message to say that my passport was ready.  This was on Tuesday morning.  A few hours after the text, my boss divulged that I would be accompanying her on a trip to Sweden for a marketing conference. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. The excitement I felt in that instant cannot be put into words.

I’ve never been on a business trip and honestly never thought that I would travel for business considering the line of work I am in (graphic design).  I took some time off work the same day and collected my passport.  I needed to submit my details to the travel agent that was booking our flights.  Since I am travelling on a South African passport I require a Schengen visa. My boss has a British passport so did not need any visas. The first flights that were sent to us were through Heathrow. We were advised that I would also need a transit visa to pass through the UK and while the costs for two visas were not an issue, the timing was.  We leave on 18 Feb.

Turns out having a South African passport turned out to be a real blessing.  To avoid having to apply for two visas the agency had to look for available flights within the Schengen territory.  We are now connecting in Paris. And there’s time for sightseeing on the way back!! Eeeeeek!

Last week Friday I went for my visa appointment and today I was notified that my passport is ready for collection. My winter clothes have been washed and I’ve bought a new pair of boots.  I’ll be going from temperatures of 28C to -1.  A bit of a shock to the system but luckily I prefer the cold. Time to prepare my checklist and brush up on some research.  I need to make a good impression while I’m over there! And in the midst of all of that I need to find time to study too – my course on Copywriting for Online Marketing started yesterday 🙂


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