Loving my new Nikon

I love my gadgets and I admit that I am partial to certain brands. Nikon is one of those brands.  During my first year in the States in 06/07, there were three gadgets I just had to have.  An iPod, a Nikon camera and a MacBook. Both my iPod and MacBook were still in use until earlier this year when I finally got a MacBook Pro. The Nikon I bought in the States wasn’t a DSLR and soon the novelty of it wore off.

On a few occasions last year I used a family member’s Nikon D3200 to take photos at some family events.  I loved the camera and wanted the exact model for myself.  About two months ago I saw the D3300 on Takealot, and after weeks of staring at it I finally bought it!

I couldn’t wait to try it out so I took a few pics around the house 🙂

I love that Nikon offer free training on their DSLRs and was hoping to get to a class as soon as possible.  Unfortunately I can’t make the Dec or Jan dates, but really hoping the February date will cooperate with my schedule!

This camera could really open up some new doors for me 😉 I have two children’s parties within the family coming up in January and I’ve been appointed as the resident photographer.  Haven’t done a kid’s party before but I’m up for the extra practice!


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