Diwali Delights

Living in Johannesburg, I must admit that Diwali isn’t as exciting as it used to be in Durban. Here, you only really get to really feel the Diwali spirit if you live in a “Indian area” like Midrand, Fordsburg or Lenasia.

Beside the fireworks and beautiful traditional clothing worn on the day, Hindus also distribute “parcels” of baked eats to friends, family and neighbours for the festival of light.

This year I planned well in advance for our Diwali packages.  I scoped out the boxes I wanted from Merrypak and looked on Pinterest for some packaging inspiration and Diwali recipes. Despite my careful planning, the baking trial and error put a few spanners in the works! There were a few bumps in the road, (including us having to change the design of the labels and print new ones on the morning of Diwali…) but the final product turned out pretty cool 🙂

The assembly line…

The final product(s)…



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