Uber – a game changer for South Africans

After our car accident on September 18th, we were fortunate enough to have use of a company vehicle about two days later. Less than a month into the new arrangement the company vehicle broke down and we were once again car-less.  For those living in Johannesburg, you know what I mean when I say that not having a car presents a bit of a challenge in this city…

We first used Uber on a trip home from the airport in January 2015. It was effortless and so convenient. We loved the experience. Since then we’ve only ever needed the driving service for a night out or when our car was in for repairs or routine maintenance. Until now.

Since 14 October, Uber has been our primary mode of transport. It has made our car-less situation less of a predicament and more of a blessing. It’s awesome being driven to and from work.  Sometimes it feels like we’re living this really affluent lifestyle, having all these personal chauffeurs! People have asked us about the affordability factor and while it isn’t exactly cheap to commute using Uber,  we no longer have a car payment or petrol expenses so the dent in the bank balance is minimal.

While experiencing a bit of luxury has been amazing, it has also been incredible to “meet” all these drivers and hear their stories. We have probably had over 25 different drivers by now, and they all have only good things to say about working for the tech giant.

The drivers enjoy the flexible working hours and the ability to determine their own salaries.  Uber Partners that took a risk and invested in the company when it was first launched in SA are now enjoying the dividends. One driver revealed that he used all of his savings to invest in the company and now has 9 cars in his fleet and knows of another Uber Partner that has over 30 cars in his fleet!

The company may have had its share of controversy, but the car service has truly revolutionised travel. Far cheaper than metered taxis, Uber provides the rider with important information about the driver and car, and a live feed of the driver’s whereabouts. Keeping an eye on loved ones during their journey is easy with the “Share my ETA” function and fares can be split easily when required. Their promos and email newsletters are pretty cool too – one of the few mailers I look forward to reading 🙂

Uber recently launched UberEats in Joburg and we’re eager to give it a go.To find out more about Uber, check out some of the articles in their Newsroom.

Love Uber and what it has done for us as South Africans.  Excited to see what else the company has in the pipeline. #yayUber


2 thoughts on “Uber – a game changer for South Africans

  1. Uri…..nice to hear this as Mark drives for Uber here in the States.
    I am going to share this with him.
    Miss you lots.

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