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Strange, stranger, strangest

One of the chapters in The Hero is Manifesting your Dreams. I think Mr C & I read this chapter some time last week during our morning ritual. Since we started reading the book together, we have been focussing on moving to Ireland and using the teachings of The Hero and the law of attraction to manifest our dream

This weekend that just passed was strange to say the least.

On Saturday, 17 September we had some shopping to do in preparation for Diwali and went to the China Mall we usually go to. This place is always crazy busy and parking is always a bit of a challenge. Mr C saw a woman heading to a parking area behind some shipping containers and we went in that direction. While we patiently waited for her to pull out of the parking bay, Mr C read out loud the details on a shipping label fixed to one of the containers closest to him.  It said “49 St. Stephens Green, Dublin, Ireland” and both our eyes went wide with amazement when he reached the last two words.

There were only 3 containers with this label, the others (around 50 or more) were unmarked.

On the same day we paid a visit to Mr C’s cousin and her fiancé was watching the show Ridiculousness. A few minutes into the show and a guest or two later, Ireland Baldwin was introduced as a guest. We didn’t say anything at the time but when we got home later that day we both agreed that this was all so weird.

The events on Saturday could be chalked up to a coincidence or something but what happened on Sunday goes beyond any of that.

My cousin had moved in to a new apartment and we were enroute to their place when we were involved in a car accident. No one was hurt thankfully, but everything surrounding the accident was just too weird.

My cousin’s wife had sent me their address via the Share Location function on Whatsapp. I didn’t know the actual address so just tapped on the message I received and followed the directions. Since it was the first time we were visiting the new apartment I wanted to pick up some flowers on the way. The gps instructed us to turn right but because Mr C knew there was a shopping centre a bit further down we went straight for a while and at which point I turned the navigation off. We got the flowers and got back on the road. I tapped the map pin in Whatsapp and again the same address displayed: 5 Clover Street.

Shortly after the accident my phone battery died. My cousin eventually found us and took us to his place.  Our car was not drivable and had to be towed away. On the way to his place we realised that the gps directions were completely off. When we eventually got home that evening, I put my phone on charge and once it booted up went into Whatsapp and tapped the message again. The address was not what I had remembered seeing earlier. It was Cocoa Close – the correct address. Mr C called out to me from the other room and asked what was the address that I initially got. I went into Google maps to check my navigation history and called out that it was 5 Clover Street. Immediately, he said: “Clover?!” The penny dropped. We were both close to tears at that point.

A strange weekend indeed…


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