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Getting back on the wagon

I stopped writing blog posts a while back, even though I loved writing I had convinced myself that I “didn’t have time” to do it anymore. There are so many things that I wanted to do but time was my excuse not to. As busy as I am or our lives may be, I am determined to MAKE MORE TIME.


Slowly, I’ve been trying to get back on the wagon and make time to do more of the things I love or have always wanted to do or try and always thought I had no time to do it.

Mr C’s morning ritual on our drive to work has immensely helped me with this. We travel together for work {since he started a new job in April and had to give up his company car}. For the past two weeks, every morning the passenger reads a few pages from Hero by Rhonda Byrne. I don’t like reading in a moving car and was apprehensive when he first asked me to read. The first few days I read just 2 pages, while Mr C read full chapters when it was his turn. Now I do the same. Somehow the chapters we read perfectly fit the day we face. The book is almost complete.  And that actually makes me a bit sad! Maybe we will read it over or start a new one…


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