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Time changes everything – even libraries.

It’s been a long time since I set foot in a library.  As a kid I loved every visit, eager to bring home the next set of books that would fire my imagination and give me something to do in my spare time.  I remember my local library being very visual – posters everywhere and lots of colour! As an au pair I remember the libraries to be even more wondrous.

Late last year, during a visit to Nelson Mandela Square the words “Sandton Library”  caught my eye and I immediately thought of my visits to the library when I was younger.  Since then I have been itching to scope the place out and get back to my bookworm roots! If a book was really good I would be so absorbed that I would completely zone out and not hear anything going on around me. It was almost as if I was the main character and the movie version of the book I was reading was playing in the theatre of my mind.

This past Saturday I had some work to do for a rebelclient but I didn’t want to work from home.  I needed a change of scenery.  I saw it as the perfect opportunity to finally make the visit to the Sandton Library.

Of course it’s never good to have high expectations of a place or an event as more often than not you will find yourself feeling disappointed. This was no exception.

Laptop bag in hand I made my way through the turnstile and into the spiralling walkway.  Interesting layout but a little unnerving! No posters or colourful walls – the kiddies section at Skoobs is way more exciting. I understand that they have the budget to make things look wonderful and magical but I wish our government would make some effort too.  We need to get kids excited about reading books – a near impossible task in the days of iPads and computers.

I went through to the librarians’ desks and signed up as a member. After all borrowing books was far cheaper than buying them! I was told I could only borrow books once I picked up my card in 5 days but I could use the free wifi.  Yay! I just needed to find an empty spot with a power outlet and I could get down to business.  This proved to be a daunting task.  Most of the relatively good spots were taken or did not have a power outlet. The first empty desk I found was facing a white wall with a chair that had a torn seat cover. Totally uninspiring.

[As a graphic designer, I want to work in an environment that stimulates my brain to create beautiful work.]

So I trudged along in search of a better spot, all the while my laptop got heavier and heavier.  Desk number two wobbled so bad and I did not have anything to shove under the offending table leg to keep it steady.  I was losing hope when I reached the workstations.  There was only one person in the section and thankfully plenty of empty space between the desktop computers.  Finally.  I connected my laptop to the power source, plugged in my earphones and began to work.


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