Fate doesn’t call the shots

“If it was meant to be it will be” 

I’ve heard that way too many times in my lifetime.  Sometimes I’ll just nod in agreement because I really don’t want to launch into a debate.  But my mind is screaming “If I want it, I can have it and I’m not going to let anything stop me”.

I’m sure I myself have used those words at some point when I was younger and didn’t know any better.  I had heard it being said around me and accepted that fate played a leading hand in my life.  But then I grew up and my circumstances filled me with determination – to be more, have more and do more.  I didn’t grow up poor, but I was far (like continents apart) from rich. I didn’t have an allowance but sometimes I would get a little pocket money to use at the school “tuck shop”. But what I did have was parents who love me unconditionally and fuelled my belief that I could do anything I set my mind to.  A gran that I could talk about my day with while she cooked and I would sit on the carpet in the kitchen, barefoot but still in my school dress.  Teachers who (for the most part) were passionate about the subjects they taught and in turn made me love learning.

I remember back when I was about to leave SA to work abroad as an au pair my gran said to me “many people (in our family) spoke about doing this but you’re the first to actually do it.”  Before it came through people told me you had to have loads of money in your bank account to even be considered for any overseas jobs as they ask for your bank statements.  I was also told about the bad experiences other girls had had as au pairs. I probably had less than $400 in my bank account after paying the au pair agency, but my visa was still approved.  I went to New York, lived with an awesome family and had the time of my life.

Those who try to sway you from your dreams lack the courage to take charge of their lives the way you are.  Never let fate or be your excuse for not having the life you want.  Because fate doesn’t call the shots.  You do.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Que Sera Sera.”


3 thoughts on “Fate doesn’t call the shots

  1. Totally agree with you Uri! We were the lucky ones that you decided to be our Au pair despite other challenges. We love and miss you.

  2. Hey was just reading through ur blog my friend, wow you went new york that’s so awesome an awesome a dream of mine. Totally agree about what you said about dreams and fate. People put you down cause they don’t have the courage to live their dreams. I’m glad people like you show us that dreams are possible despite fate my friend.

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