Random musings

Sorry about your baby

Sorry for not being cautious with your baby You took such good care of her and all I’ve done is damage In just eight months of having her… I was beginning to think I was doing well on Jozi streets and then today happened Knocking into the rear end of another, hearing that sound Feeling disbelief mixed with the horror of what I’ve done We each get out to weigh up the damages And it seems like there was no harm done I feel a trickle of relief, get back in and head to work I consider returning home to retrieve my phone forgotten at my bedside But decide to just keep going and make the dreaded call when I get to the office I’m almost there and everything seems fine As I turn into the car park I hear it – a worrying sound indeed Panicked, I pull into the very first parking bay A colleague assesses the damages for me and the prognosis is not good I finally get you on the phone to break the news You’re not angry, you’re pretty calm Heading into a meeting so you have to cut the conversation short I sit stewing with guilt for what I’ve done when you call back “Don’t worry about the car, you can always buy me a new one” You say to me with lightheartedness in your voice And I finally feel the rock formed in my chest begin to crumble


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