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Christmas in London

In three weeks we leave for the UK. If I wasn’t so busy at my day job, I would probably be daydreaming of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. I wake up most mornings with memories of my dreams from the night before – and it’s not dreams of exploring the streets of London but rather of the massive project I have on the go at the office >sigh<

But I’m pushing those thoughts to the very dark depths of my mind for however long it takes me to write this post.

I’ve wanted to visit London since…well a long time. The earliest memory of longing to visit this -intriguing place is when Mr C showed me pics of his trip to London on our way home from college (back then we were just friends and travel buddies…)

On December 19th, we will begin our journey to London and I’ll finally realize that dream.

We will be staying with Mr C’s brother and his family. Having a place to stay (for free!) leaves room for more adventure and exploration ;). Another place that’s on my travel list is the land of the Irish. Flights from London to Dublin are booked and I can’t wait to experience Ireland’s charm first hand.

My last overseas trip was in 2010 when I returned to South Africa from a year in New York. That was 4 years ago. This UK trip is way overdue!


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