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Reminiscing Halloween past

Halloween was never a big deal for me UNTIL my first year in the US.  I suppose at that time, it wasn’t even popular in the country as a whole but now South Africa has jumped on the wagon too. With Halloween parties all over the place and even a cool Trick or Treat initiative by Urban Spaces Realty (a local estate agency), I’m kinda bummed that we’re not doing anything fun this year 😦

My first Halloween costume was a rebel fairy – I wanted to go as Tinkerbell but didn’t have the budget for an entire costume! So the dress that was meant to be used for my 21st birthday celebration in the city (that fell victim to a crazy snowstorm) became part of my Halloween get-up.  To complete the look, I bought a pair of white fairy wings, black spraypaint, a boa and wire from Michaels (if Heaven were a place on earth, that would be my version of it…I can spend hours in those aisles).  When I look at this pic now, I think “Damn I used to be thin hey”!! (really gotta get my ass in shape again…)


In my second year spent in the Big Apple, I was an invalid – well kinda.  I fractured my foot a few weeks earlier and was on crutches. I’m sure I did wear something or the other to be part of the festivities but can’t seem to remember what it was :/

Last year we went to a Halloween party at Movida and the plan was for Mr C to dress up as Aladdin and I as Jasmine.  Mr C neglected to bring his clothes for the costume up from Durban after our wedding so the Arabian prince was out of the question.  He chose to go as a zombie – like many other guys at the club that night.

Here he is striking his deadliest pose…


Since we weren’t doing anything this year (a result of still saving furiously for our London trip in December…), I baked some cupcakes for Mr C to take to work.  As usual, things did not go exactly as planned…with running out of cocoa, icing that didn’t quite look the way it should and piping bags that had a mind of their own.

The end result was mildly satisfactory but Mr C said everyone enjoyed them.  They were probably just being polite lol.


With the hard work out of the way, it’s now time to eat, drink & be scary 😉

Happy Halloween!!


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