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First wedding anniversary gift (paper)

First let me say that whoever came up with paper as the first anniversary gift, was onto something.  After spending all your hard earned savings on the wedding of your dreams (that turned into a bit of a nightmare) the year before, your pocket now has a hole the size of Gauteng and you’re loving the “paper gift” concept because it’s something that won’t break the piggybank that has been oh so carefully glued back together.

On Monday, Mr C & I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. I Googled my heart out last Thursday to find something really interesting that I could give to him to mark this special day. When I came across this message in a bottle idea, it got the wheels turning.  I just needed to figure out what to put inside the bottle.  Some other ideas I came across online were framed wedding vows, love letters, wedding dress sketches….

We hadn’t said any vows as such because it was a traditional Hindu ceremony, and the time was running out for me to write a heartfelt love letter. But then I thought about the reason we chose 1 September to get married and the fact that that date means so much to us and that’s when I created this:


I had to sift through Wikipedia and a couple other sites to get some happy stories for September 1st. But it was kinda cool, reading about things that happened on this day in history 🙂 I printed a few copies on Friday and zipped off to the Consol store after work.

It’s hard trying to package a surprise when you live with the one you’re trying to surprise…but a word of warning if you do decide to do a message in a bottle:  make sure the scroll is securely tied with ribbon or tape, if you don’t you’ll end up fishing out bits of paper with a metal tongue cleaner while hubby is fast asleep…

The final presentation awaiting hubby’s discovery on the morning of our anniversary:



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