A fresh start

Last year I desperately wanted to change jobs and was held back by the fact that I needed three weeks of annual leave for my wedding.  So I thought I would just stick it out and start applying after all that was done and dusted.  The wedding was in September, but the new job took some time to materialise.  I had moments when I was really depressed at the thought of going to work in the morning but through it all Mr C kept encouraging me to keep applying for jobs.

I started at a brilliant company at the beginning of June this year and am loving every second. But I almost didn’t make the interview.

Since we hadn’t made the annual December trip to Durbs last year, we decided to take a few days leave during the Easter period and drive down.  The plan was to leave for Durban bright and early on the Thursday before Easter and return on the Tuesday after.  Since it was the first time family would be seeing us since after our wedding, Mr C’s parents graciously invited over my extended family to their place for lunch on Easter Sunday. A much anticipated trip to the beach was on my to do list for Thursday morning.

Long story short, the interview ended up being on Thursday afternoon from 12-4pm.  It could not be rescheduled as it was a group/panel interview. Mr C’s reaction, being the awesome hubby that he is, was “if you have to go in on Thursday, that’s what we have to do. This is more important.”

We left for Durban as soon as I was done, and by Tuesday when we were packing up to return to Jozi, I got the call to say that I got the job 🙂 {The video I created had worked its magic!}

I started in June but it seems like I’ve been here forever.  A perfect fit.



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