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67 Minutes and then some (Part 1)

Mr C & I visit the Teboho Trust Saturday Academy every second Saturday, so it was the obvious choice for our 67Minutes in honour of a great man, our beloved Madiba.

Tulip* , a work friend was intrigued by my tales of our time spent at the Soweto school and asked to join on our next visit.  In anticipation for her visit, she went out and bought tubs of frosting, a big bag of sprinkles and cupcake mixes.  It so happened that the next visit was the weekend directly after Mandela Day.

Prior to this, we had also  discussed the need for sponsors of canned goods so that the kids could continue to have a good meal on a Saturday.  We were given some canned goods, bought a few more and took it over to Teboho Trust one Saturday and were met with immense gratitude from the Mamma’s who run the kitchen.  Another cousin expressed interest in sponsoring hot dogs for the kids one Saturday, so on the Monday before Mandela Day I called her up and asked if it could happen as soon as that weekend.

The universe does work in mysterious and wonderful ways and on Saturday, 19 July we packed up the cars and headed to Soweto.  Rose* and hubby went all out, with hot dogs, cold drinks and even chips for each child.

IMG_4026 IMG_4027

On any given Saturday there is an average of about 400 kids at the school so we had a little more than double that amount of hot dog buns and viennas so that the kids could have more than one if they wanted.  For some of the kids at the school, Saturday is the only day that they get a decent meal. When we got to Madibane High (the home of Teboho Trust), we found that less than half the usual number of kids were there.

We set about buttering the buns and putting the hot dogs in a pot to be steamed, then transfered them into a warmer so they would be nice and hot when served! We had a nice assembly line going…Mr C has never buttered THAT many rolls in his life!

IMG_4028  IMG_4031 IMG_4033  IMG_4035


The little ones, munching away…


So since there was more than enough food and so few kids, avery child was able to take home a hotdog, cold drink and packet of chips.  We had loads of hot dog buns still left over so we gave pack of 6 to each of the Mammas (who usually run the kitchen) and the bigger kids.  It was Christmas in July!  So many goodies that some kids could barely hold on to everything 😀


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