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A couch date

When dusk sets in and the air is brisk, I walk through my front door, kick off my shoes and throw on my warm fluffy gown.  My feet are soundless as my socks hit the tiled floor.  It’s time to stick my head in the freezer and decide on the evening’s menu.  Once it’s simmering on the stove top, I clear away that morning’s dirty dishes and wipe down the counter tops. Two hours later, I’m cuddled up on the couch waiting for him to noisily burst through the door. He doesn’t disappoint.  A grand entrance as always. “Why do you have to open the door with such force??!”, I ask almost every day and until now I still don’t have a clear answer.  But I’ve come to expect the noisy entrance day after day as much as I’ve come to expect the way our day always ends, once dinner is done.  With a couch date.  Just the two of us. Cocooned in a soft fleecy blanket, watching a movie or a TV show before bedtime.

Written in response to this Daily Prompt.


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