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The first cake I’ve ever baked!


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m no expert in the kitchen.  Only recently have I taken to baking and have started to enjoy it (I attribute that to the pretty silicone bakeware :D) Amazingly, not all of my baking attempts have been complete disasters.  Yes there were the flat scones and my sconcs have never come out perfect since that baking mishap…but the vanilla cupcakes have come out great both times (according to hubby and his work colleagues).  For the past few weeks hubby has been asking me to bake again and so I decided to try something a little different:  Chocolate cake.  Double layer chocolate cake 🙂

I used the frosting recipe I always use from Tasty Kitchen, but this time I added in some cocoa and melted dark chocolate.

For the cake, I found this easy recipe from

The result was a deliciously soft and moist sponge that prompted Mr C to say “Please save this recipe!”.  The last piece was eaten about 5 days later and still had the same texture and freshness as if it were just baked.  I still have left over frosting so I’m off to bake a batch of cupcakes 😀


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