Christmas in…May

So late last year I saw this post on Cupcakemummy’s blog for #BloggerSecretSanta – a Secret Santa for Bloggers.  I saw the post and thought, “wow that could be really fun”.  Giving a gift to someone you don’t even know, for no other reason than to make their day and put a smile on their face?  Definitely my idea of fun 🙂 At the time I wasn’t even a blogger, I was just toying with the idea but I signed up anyway.  About a month later I actually started my blog.

I received my package two weeks ago.  Yes it’s a bit late for Christmas, or really early (depends how you look at it) but I never received the little piece of paper from the Post Office to let me know when my package was ready for collection back in December.

One of my gifts to Karen 🙂

At the time, I had no idea who my Secret Santa was and when I didn’t receive anything I  just thought that my person  was not able to purchase a gift due to whatever reason and I accepted it.  I was a little sad about not receiving a gift but I did not join the #BloggerSecretSanta just so I could get a gift.  I wanted to give, and I was happy with the effort I put into the gift I gave 🙂

The package was later returned to my Secret Santa, the lovely Karen who then reached out to me on Twitter to let me know what had happened. She went through the trouble of sending the package a second time around and I am really grateful for that.

Karen was my recipient, but it never dawned on me that I would be hers.  I just thought it would work the way Secret Santa at the office usually works – recipients chosen at random and a slim chance of buying for the person that is buying for you!

Once we collected my package, I couldn’t wait to open it.  Hubby was pretty sure it was a handbag.  I had no idea of what it could be, so as soon as we got in the car I started ripping the packaging apart {the best part about being a passenger and not a driver ;)} and what a gift it turned out to be…

My loot 🙂

I am a sentimental person, finding happiness in the smallest of things.  When I give a gift, I try my best to make it as special as possible.  From the packaging to the gift itself.  So when someone takes the time to get to know me and makes an effort with the little things (in this case it was the messages on Post it’s and the postcards with Cape Town on the front…), the gratitude I feel is so overwhelming 🙂

Processed with MoldivIn a way I’m glad my gift was delayed in finding its way to me.  During December there’s always so much going on and much to look forward to  but May is…well, May.  It’s after my birthday and before Christmas. So getting gifts on a random day in May is quite…refreshing (for lack of a better word).

Thanks Karen for the amazing and thoughtful gifts, you’re the best Secret Santa I’ve ever had!






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