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Hello sunshine

A bout of laughter followed by a warm embrace, we parted and he immediately grasped my hand and pulled me close again. I felt his lips plant a soft kiss on the tip of my nose.  If I could bottle any memory from my life so that I could experience it over and over again, this moment would be it.  We were both so much in love and on top of the world.

We never imagined that that world would collapse so soon.

Two days after that walk in the park, I was standing beside his hospital bed, pleading with him to open his eyes once more.  When I got the call, I felt as if I had been the one who was hit by a car. I immediately got in my car and drove to the hospital in a daze.  When I got there, I was met by more bad news.  “It doesn’t look good, I’m afraid” said the doctor.  His injuries were one too many and the chance of survival was near impossible.

I bent over and whispered into his ear then kissed his forehead. I lowered myself into the chair at his side, put my head on his hand and wept.  After some time, I felt his hand twitch and immediately raised my head. His eyes fluttered open, he looked straight at me and mouthed the two words that I had whispered just moments before.  Hello Sunshine.

This post was written in response to this Daily Prompt.  Hearing the words “Hello Sunshine” always makes me feel really warm & happy. This was meant to be a happy post, but when I started typing, the story just flowed. So I went with it 🙂


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