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♪I wanna be a billionaire…♫ {M2B Conference}

When Kaveshan from Rabbit Media informed me that he had two tickets for me to attend the Millionaires to Billionaires Super Conference I could barely contain my excitement.  I had already known about this conference and wished I could attend.  Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.53.19 AMAll that was stopping me was the Nine hundred and something ticket price. Then, just like that it was no longer a deterrent and I could finally hear James Caan speak in reality.  I’ve been following his articles on LinkedIn and as an entrepreneur I have found him to be such a valuable resource. Some articles can be a bore to read and I tend to stop after the first paragraph fails to catch my attention.  With James Caan, it was always information that I found worthwhile and content that I always felt compelled to share.

During the Easter weekend, we went down to Durban and brought my parents back up with us, so they were still here when the day of the conference rolled around and I felt a little guilty about leaving them home all day – the conference was scheduled for 7:30am to 8pm.  Thankfully Mr C’s cousins came to my rescue.  They were headed to the Rand Easter Show and were happy to take my parents along.  With that sorted, I could finally just focus on the conference itself and getting ready to soak up as much information as I could from those that had achieved financial freedom.  On the morning of the 26th, Mr C & I headed to Sandton Convention Centre enthused about what the day would bring.

Andrew Barsa, Mac Attram and James MacNeil were the speakers that stood out for me that day.  Besides James Caan obviously.

Andrew Barsa helped me realise that my mindset needed some serious gear shifting when it came to money.  Mac Attram was bursting with energy and enthusiasm.  When he first came on, I remember thinking “Uh oh, feels like we’re in church now”, but after a few minutes I found myself warming up to him and actually listening to what he had to say.  I enjoyed James MacNeil’s humour, but was reduced to tears when he told us the sad story of losing his wife.

The crowded auditorium

Many things I heard that day resonated with things I had picked up from  The Secret.  It is the way you FEEL about money that casts a reflection on your reality.  I am a big believer in The Secret, it has worked wonders in my life many times when I’ve consciously made the effort and even at times when I had no idea I was manifesting these things into my life.  Yes there are times I have fallen off the wagon.

One thing that was said at the conference and that has really stuck with me

Our current relationship we have with money has been indoctrinated into us from a young age.  We were “brainwashed” into feeling the way we do about money.  Growing up we were taught that money doesn’t grow on trees and that you have to work really hard to get even a little extra money.

How true this is.  As a child, we were always “okay” with money until both my parents were retrenched.  Things got a little bumpy after that and whenever I would ask for money (which didn’t happen that often)  I would get told that we didn’t have it.  My parents have worked hard all these years and enjoyed very little luxury. We always shopped in certain stores because the others were “too expensive” for us.  But how did we know this if we didn’t even go in and look at one price tag?

Photo on 2014-05-02
Taking notes…

And another thing that stood out…

Many of the speakers imparted their stories of giving back.  That’s another principle mentioned in The Secret.  The more you give, the more you get.  You shouldn’t be giving just so that you can get, but when you are truly grateful for what you have been given, you will want to do what you can for others.  That’s where I find myself now.  I still need to write my post on Teboho Trust, but I will save it for next week since by then I will have some pictures from my Saturday visit to share.


What an experience

The crowning moment for many was when James Caan came out in his signature black pinstripe suit. I was surprised by his small build and his soft-spoken demeanor.  The conference also provided me with the opportunity to finally meet a few of my Twitter followers:  @KaveshanChetty, @Verushka143 and @JarrydLong I’m sure there will be future meet ups with these three…



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