An unforgettable stay at the Fire & Ice

This past weekend was probably one of the best weekends that Mr C & I have had this year.

On Saturday, we were booked in for a complimentary stay at the Fire & Ice Melrose Arch, after our episode at the restaurant.  We packed up a small suitcase for our little rendezvous later that afternoon but our first stop of the day was Soweto – Madibane High School to be exact. We needed to drop off some carpets that were very kindly donated to the Teboho Trust Saturday Academy (That’s a whole other blog post for another day).  After some art and playing a few games with the kids, it was finally time to head over to Melrose Arch for a bit of R&R 🙂

This was our first stay at the Joburg hotel – we stayed at the one in Cape Town during our honeymoon last year.  We received such a warm welcome and  royal treatment during our stay and were truly sad when the time came to leave.

Once we got to Melrose Arch, we checked in and were given  a quick run through of the hotel’s facilities from the young man at the reception desk. Even though we’ve been to the hotel restaurant in the lobby area numerous times, we had never actually gone upstairs so I was surprised when we were told that we needed to insert our room key card in order to operate the elevator.  {We had a few hiccups with that bit of technology during our stay – Mr C was either too slow or too fast or completely forgot to put the card in altogether, before pressing the number of the floor we were going to!}

20140407-180421.jpgThis little surprise was waiting for us on the bed when we arrived. For me this is really going the extra mile and I really appreciated the gesture.  They could have thought “hey we’ve given them a room, that should be enough” but no, they decided to do a little more.  Now this actually appealed to both Mr C and myself – I loved the personal touch of the postcard and the drinks vouchers were right up hubby’s alley 😉 There was also a slab of chocolate on the bed – which I only saw later because a certain someone had grabbed it off the bed and opened it as soon as he laid eyes on it…

After we got settled in, we decided to head down to the restaurant area – the view from our room window and the drinks vouchers were all the invitation we needed.   Since work never really stops, we took the laptop with us.

We chose a spot outside and worked and talked for a while.  All was good – until the Man U game came on…then there was no other alternative but to move to a table inside 🙂

Later that evening we had a yummy dinner at Moyo, an African themed restaurant with a unique dining experience.  I had been to the one in Durban a few years back and had an amazing time.  This night was no different.


Our selfies before heading out…

photo 1

…and hubby showing off his Moyo face paint when we got back to the hotel:

Always such a poser!

We later returned to the hotel for drinks and asked Mr C’s cousin and her boyfriend to join us after the UB40 concert. They  had just got to us and were talking about how fantastic the concert was, and guess who walked into the restaurant? UB40 of course!It took us a while to gather up the courage to ask for a picture.  They really are nice guys and happily obliged us with a picture.  While it wasn’t the best picture due to poor lighting, we will always have a reminder of that night.


All in all it was a great weekend.  Our faith in the Fire & Ice brand has been restored.  While we may not order a milkshake anytime soon, the hotel/restaurant is back to being our number one hangout spot 🙂




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