The Fire & Ice – an unfortunate occurence

A month ago, Mr C and I went to the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice restaurant at Melrose Arch – as we always do when we need to brainstorm and be in an inspiring environment. We love the Fire & Ice brand – from its funky and stylish decór to it’s gourmet milkshakes and scrumptious desserts. In fact, my very first blog post was about our session at the Fire & Ice. So yes, it is a brand that is close to our hearts.  Which is why when we had an unfortunate incident at the restaurant last month we were quite disappointed and a little heartbroken. So much so that I couldn’t even bring myself to blog about the incident at the time.  So what happened?

Mr C found an earring in his milkshake. A large heart shaped silver earring.

He definitely wasn’t feeling the love that day.  In fact he felt quite sick after the discovery, as he had already consumed the entire milkshake.  We alerted the waiter and he informed us that the drink would be free of charge.  For us, paying for the milkshake was not a concern.  The hygiene factor, however, was. We asked for the manager and he took some time to get to us. In that time our disappointment grew and we were talking about having to find another place to have our little brainstorming sessions.

I took to Twitter to voice our disappointing experience.   We were contacted by the Guest Relations team the following Monday morning. They phoned both myself and my husband and apologised for the incident and advised that they would investigate as to how this actually happened.  As their way of making up for what happened, we were offered a complimentary night stay at the hotel. We were still reeling from it all so we decided to book the stay for a month later, giving us some time to put it all behind us.

We stayed at the hotel this past Saturday and I must say that we have renewed faith in the brand.  Bad things happen all the time.  Mistakes are bound to happen and unfortunate incidents will occur BUT it is what you do about those things that can make all the difference. Protea Hotel Fire & Ice MA stepped up to the plate and I’ll tell you exactly how they did that…in my next post 🙂


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