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Hanging by a thread

Ever since my laptop crashed and burned, I’ve been feeling like a part of me is gone too.  My MacBook was so much a part of my life.

I spoke to a friend after months of no contact earlier this week and when I told her what happened, she immediately asked “How are you coping? I know how much that laptop meant to you” She uttered this with such sincerity and concern.  Now THAT is a precious quality in a friend.

I’ve been sharing Mr C’s laptop in the evenings to get work done for rebelink clients as that is top priority and as a result, many other tasks (including blogging) have had to take a back seat.  I feel like so much time is now wasted in the day – from the time I get home to the time Mr C gets home and I can actually start working.  Others in my situation may have looked at this as a gift – a time to relax and take it easy, since there’s nothing else I can do.  Unfortunately I’m not wired that way.  I keep thinking about all the things I need to get done and that prevents me from ever relaxing. I know I can probably type up my blog posts on my phone, but for some reason I much prefer tapping on a keyboard, not to mention the bigger screen…

I do sort out whatever I can through my phone – emails, invoices, quotes etc. Once that is done and I’ve tidied up and cooked, I sometimes lay on the couch with a book.  I can never fully concentrate on it though, because in my mind I see the hours ticking away.  I see what I could be doing in this time and I just feel a bit sad.  Sad to have lost my computer, sad that so much of my life depends on having said computer.  Since a new MacBook is out of the question, I’ve decided to settle for a 2nd hand iMac which is much more in line with my budget.  This decision has actually made me feel a lot better, because I can comfort myself with the thought of having some sense of normalcy at the end of April!  Until then, I guess I’ll just be hanging by a thread…

When I typed my first line, I immediately thought of this song by Savage Garden…


6 thoughts on “Hanging by a thread

  1. Wow you are braver than I friend. I would go crazy with a pc! My life is practically on it! And yours to I probably guessing. I got a windows pc! Just wanna know how it is having a mac laptop instead of windows. Anyway hope u sort out it cause I know how much work you do hey. Also thank you for the advice you given me in the past 😀

    1. It’s not bravery at all, just having no other choice 😉 Mac will always be my choice. I love the interface, the functionality and the durability.

      1. I see well I’ve need had a mac or iphone or anything apple maybe later on love to try it! So how you managing for work and doing your designs without a pc

  2. Awwwwh well good luck hey! Besides you a smart girl I’m sure you’ll make it work some how! I was thinking how cool of a friend you are not only a graphic designer but a blogger to it feels good to talk to someone with the same interest as you 😀 also I’m a fan of rebelink cause I love what you doing with it and wish you all the success for it.

    1. Ah thank you so much! Your good wishes really do mean a lot. It’s always nice to hear good things about rebelink lol. I have really high expectations for it and it’s nice when what we do gets noticed by others 🙂

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