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Through thick and thin…

Last Wednesday I came home to a harsh reality.  My MacBook of 7.5 years had finally decided to lay itself to rest.  It refused to boot up, I removed the battery, reset the SMC and hoped for some signs of life.  Nothing.  I can’t explain the sadness I felt.

You see, this is not just any piece of technology to me.

Sentimental Value

My second Apple purchase while living in the Big Apple 🙂 {iPod was the first} This was way before there were iStores at almost every big mall in South Africa. The biggest purchase of my life to date.  Took me at least 3 years to pay my mum back…

My NY kids would use my computer to take crazy pictures and record even crazier videos.  We would use Photobooth to take selfies!

Keeping in touch

A means of communication with my friends and family in SA whilst I was abroad. I could Skype my parents, chat with my friends, update my Facebook with pictures from my travels. I chatted to my cousins through a Gmail to Mxit connection, and even helped them with homework from across the ocean! When I started to get homesick, I joined the Chatroom of a local radio station and met some really nice people – one of whom even invited me to vacation with her and her family upon my return, an offer I gladly accepted.  She’s the really sweet young woman who gave away hugs and cupcakes for Valentines Day.  My Mac became the primary means of communication between Mr C & I while I was away and, as a result it was almost always on.  It only slept when I slept- which at that time, wasn’t very much…


I managed to eventually purchase design software and could complete tasks at home on a freelance basis when I was back in SA.  I didn’t earn much in my first few jobs, so having the little extra income from a few side projects really helped.  I also joined oDesk, which is a brilliant portal for freelancers.  My freelancing presented an opportunity for me to one day have my own business and I decided to register a CC in 2009.

Learning Tool

During my second trip to NY, my Macbook was also my learning device.  I took an online course in 3D animation and spent hours at the kitchen table and my bedroom dresser (my makeshift desk) going through my video tutorials and also attending my weekly “class”.


My Mac has been on for at least 8 hours a day, almost every day.  I also have the bad habit of having multiple programs running simultaneously.  So I guess after 7+ years of being worked to its core, it finally had enough.

The only problem with laying it to rest is that I now have no computer and a fledgling business that relies on aforementioned computer…what will I do now?

{I have sent Mr Mac to a repair centre and they are going to try their best to find some parts to get it up and running again.  Even if it’s just for a few months I will be so grateful to have it back so that I can work.  Until I can fork out R13000 for a new one.  So cross your fingers for me please!}


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