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If I could be anywhere

Throw caution to the wind.  Just do it.  Sometimes the logical and realistic part of your brain won’t let you just drop everything to chase your innermost desires.  But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming…

Seated at a table with my shiny new MacBook Pro, I glance up at the mesmerising view of the ocean across the road.  I inhale deeply, allowing the smell of the sea to assail my senses.  In that solitary moment I feel so alive and exhilarated.  We’ve been living here for a year now and I still find myself wondering if it’s all just a dream.

The waiter brings my order with a kind smile and asks if I’d like anything else.  “Maybe a little later”, I smile at her and say.  I take a sip of my strawberry smoothie and savor feeling of the cold liquid passing through my throat. Now this is the life.  I earn a living doing exactly what I love, wherever I choose.

Today it’s a coffee shop with an ocean view, tomorrow it could be a rooftop restaurant, and the next day…well who knows?  The fact that I am finally here, after all the wanting and wishing, dreaming and hoping, fills me with such joy that I cannot describe.  To wake up and be surrounded by nature and it’s unmatched beauty, that is truly a blessing.  Me and Mr C, living it up in the big C.  Cape Town, you have made my life complete.

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