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Raging rivers and giant puddles!

So I’ve been in the water a lot recently…On the weekend, we were chilling at the complex pool.  Both days.  Then Tuesday I had my big swim lesson.  Wednesday, I was was accosted by giant puddles.

I love living close enough to work, to be able to walk to and from my place of employment.  For Johannesburg residents, this is an enviable privilege. With the chaotic traffic congestion, commuters spend hours on the roads for journeys that would normally take 30 minutes or less.  I was one of those commuters not too long ago.  I would leave home at 6am, got to work at 8:30 am and was completely worn out for the rest of the day.  So I absolutely love walking to work –  on most days.

This Wednesday was not one of those days.  Fifteen minutes before it was time to go home, Mother Nature unleashed her fury.  A storm hit, from out of nowhere.  Days like these, I miss my ex colleagues even more!  With my old team, I had at least 3 people going in my direction and whom I could get a lift from on the truly treacherous days.  Nowadays it’s just me and my little green umbrella against the elements. {I really need to get myself some rain boots.}  My ballet pumps are no match for  puddles of water!

I usually take a pedestrian walkway to get to the road my complex is on.  It’s filled with stones, damages my shoes – even though I try my best to step carefully – but it halves my walking time so I take it anyway.  The only real downside to this pathway is that it becomes a raging river when it rains.  Sometimes the it’s not si high and I can still cross it while using the rocks as stepping stones.  On two occasions I’ve lost my footing, soaked my shoes/sandals and had to walk the rest of the way home barefoot 😀 {It’s only about 200m to my home from there}  On the occasions that the river is menacing, I opt for the long route.  I look at the water raging down and I can just picture myself losing my footing and hitting my head on the rocks.  I say to myself, it’s not worth it and I brace myself for a longer walk.

The funniest part {well not so funny, when you’re the one getting wet} was that it wasn’t the rain itself that had me drenched, but instead passing motorists.  One motorist in particular.  There was no cars on the opposite lane at the time, so the driver could have avoided the standing water that was so close to the pavement.  But instead he or she just drove past, didn’t slow down when approaching the giant puddle and left me in their wake.  Drenched to the bone.  I was soaked from head to toe and probably looked like a wet rat :D.  I must admit that I was pissed off at first.  But then I comforted myself with the fact that I would get home soon and could take a hot shower, whereas other roadside puddle victims travelling with public transport would have to sit in some taxi with their wet clothes and wait for at least another hour before they could get home and dry off.

Here’s hoping for a dry weekend 😉


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