Taking the plunge

So today marks the day that I have to attempt to swim without any floatation devices.

>Insert wave of terror here<

I’ve had four 30 minute lessons so far and my biggest accomplishment is jumping in.  Yes, some will laugh as that doesn’t seem to be an achievement at all but for me it was.  The first jump took me at least 2 solid minutes of contemplation, while I looked down into the pool.  My instructor had to talk me through it – it was almost like talking someone down from a building ledge.  Although in this case, I was supposed to jump 😀  Tyrone was so calm and everything he said made sense and eventually I took a deep breath and jumped.  If anyone else in Joburg needs to learn to swim – kids or adults – I definitely recommend SwimChamps!  Lessons are affordable and taught by a seasoned professional.

I’ve jumped into the pool every time since that first jump – including when we spent time at our complex pool this weekend.  My breathing is getting better. For someone with acute sinusitis, who can barely breathe on land, I’d say I’m definitely making progress.If I wasn’t warned about having no floatation devices for today’s lesson, I would probably be looking forward to it. 

Wish me luck.  I will live to tell the tale – but let’s hope it’s a happy (or funny) story 🙂


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