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Phoneography Challenge: Still Life


Usually when it’s Challengers Choice for Sally’s Phoneography Challenge, I tend to go the abstract route.  But this time I decided to try my hand at a still life.  I received this furry friend for Valentines Day. Doesn’t Mr Bear look like he’s about to give you a big bear hug 😀 ?

As mentioned in previous posts, we don’t normally go all out and celebrate this holiday with gifts and stuff but for some reason this year (possibly since it was our first Valentines as a married couple) Mr C decided to go all out 🙂  I also received a Moth Orchid, which I love but am afraid of destroying since I don’t know the first thing about caring for orchids.  I’ve been reading up on them though, so hopefully it will survive in my care!  I’ve been leaving it out for some sunlight a few days a week and feeling the bark for moisture and watering it if the bark is dry.  If anyone else has any tips, I’m all ears.


9 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Still Life

    1. Thanks Sally. I agree on the monochrome – I think using black & white helped capture the mood. The colour version wasn’t as effective. Happy Phoneography Monday! xx

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