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Change is good right?

If you’ve been following my blog from the time I started, you’ll notice that I’ve changed my theme and that this is probably the fourth time already in the space of  as many months.  The previous one was just not working for me and it kept bugging me (the OCD side of me).  I missed the polka dots but didn’t want to go back to my first theme, lest I lose my sidebar.  I’ve seen some really pretty blogs out there and I know that it’s because of the $30 Custom Design option.  Thing is, $30 = R300+ and I’m not sure I can justify spending that on my blog just yet.  So for now I’ll just have to make do with the free stuff.  I’ve now latched on to the Forever theme.  The layout works for me, but I’m not loving the font.  Prefer a sans serif font for lots of reading but unfortunately I can’t change it unless I pay the $30…

Considering that my first WordPress theme was titled Ever After, I’d say that our Happily Ever After themed wedding has most likely messed with my brain.



2 thoughts on “Change is good right?

    1. Yeah the free stuff is nice but there’s always one or two things that I would like to change and can change if I pay the 30 bucks! But I’ll stick it out for a few months and then decide. Only been blogging since Nov so it’s still early days 😀

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