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The Theatre of Dreams

Yesterday I got to finally experience the magic that is  Madame Zingara. For those of you who don’t know it, in simple terms it is a dinner theatre. In reality, it is so much more. {Read about the history of Madame Zingara here}

This adventure was not planned, in fact we only found out around noon yesterday that we would attend the evening show.  Through a series of fortunate events, we found ourselves immersed in its splendor a few hours later.  As we approached the outdoor arena at Montecasino, we could see dozens of people milling around outside an impressive structured tent.  This was no ordinary tent as I later found out.  The luxurious Victoria is one of the few remaining Spiegeltents {Dutch for “Mirror tent”}. Decorated with mirrors, stained glass and suspended chandeliers it exudes grandeur.

Mr C and I walked through the striking heart-shaped archway to meet  our companions for the night – Mr C’s cousin and her hubby the birthday boy 🙂 Many of the guests were dressed for the event and for those that weren’t, the gift shop offered hats, boas and other dress up attire.  The boys got themselves hats, while us ladies opted to adorn our faces with a bit of glitz and glamour!

What an unforgettable experience!

We were shown to our seats and Ms Kitty introduced herself to the four of us.  All the servers were in costume.  Feline beauties, wonderland fairies, pirate kings and more – each one integral in creating this land of fantasy.  Included in the ticket price was a scrumptious 4 course meal, served seamlessly between the acts while empty plates and glasses were cleared away with dexterity.

Each and every performance amazed and had guests applauding in wonderment.  I could go into detail with all the spectacular acts but that would take too long, so I’ll just share with you the one act that took my breath away.

Even before the act got underway, the melody had me spellbound. For a fleeting moment I thought of the first and only ballet I had been to. The fluid movements, stunning costumes and emotional connection between the couple made for a mesmerising gymnastic performance.  Until the final applause signifying the end of the act, I sat with my eyes transfixed on the two performers in front of me and my ears a slave to the notes that touched me deep in my soul.  I didn’t applaud in between like I did with other acts – I didn’t want to ruin the beauty enfolding in front of me.



6 thoughts on “The Theatre of Dreams

  1. Hey uresha that looks like an awesome experience never been to a theatre! Its sounds so dramatic and captivating. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hehe now I feel like going.

      1. I will go someday if there’s any good productions in durban and mostly probably when I have a date to go with I’m sure if will be beta than the usual taking her to the movies lol

      2. If you really want to experience something, you don’t need to wait for a date. I once went to the ballet by myself. Then again, I’m crazy like that. Lol.

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