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What holds us back

So, I’ve been looking for a career change – probably not supposed to mention something like that on here since everyone can find it…but there’s nothing wrong with striving for more and wanting a bigger challenge.  After all, we can’t stay at the same job forever.  We need to keep moving and keep learning.  So, after numerous applications and zero interviews I’ve decided that entrepreneurship is the way to go.  Hence all my talk of rebelink in previous posts.

We all have dreams.  Aspirations for the future.  Goals to accomplish.  The dreams that we set out trying to accomplish and the daydreams of what life would be “if I had XYZ”.  Some people are are able to turn their dreams into reality while others just watch from the sidelines.  So what stops us from going after the things we want?  I’ve started following Young Business Leaders on Facebook and I came across this post.  It lists the top 10 fears that hold us back in life.

I’ve listed them below.

1. Rejection
2. Failure
3. Uncertainty
4. Loneliness
5. Change
6. Loss of Freedom
7. Being Judged
8. Something Bad Happening
9. Getting Hurt
10. Inadequacy

Now, I’ve had most of these fears at some point in time – some still come and go but for the most part I’ve gotten over my fears.  I always said I wouldn’t have my own business because I thought it was way too much to take on.  But as I get further into laying the foundation, I’m starting to enjoy it more.  Although, quoting and invoicing still is {and always will be} a pain in the ass ;).  Although, I am working on delegating that to my mum soon!

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel – no matter how long the tunnel may seem.



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