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Giving a little love…

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Derived from original image by rebel ink

So hearts are everywhere, from department stores to decorated offices and social news-feeds.  Some people who are ambivalent about Valentines Day and some people who are really just against the whole concept (I find that those are mostly single people…) I agree that it has become way too commercialised, but the same goes for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.  And we still celebrate those don’t we?  It’s because it’s about more than expensive gifts.  It’s a time to give thanks to those lovely people (and some not so lovely…) who brought us into the world.

Mr C and I do not celebrate with showers of gifts etc. on this day.  I’m one of those people that  doesn’t really celebrate as such but also isn’t opposed to Valentines.  Obviously when we have a kid, we would make it a bit of a bigger deal for him/her but until then it’s just a normal day when we can have a candlelit dinner (at home because it’s going to be too packed at all the restaurants!) or just sit on the couch and watch movies.


Today we were asked to wear red to work, and even though I don’t own anything red, I borrowed a red ribbon from a colleague and am wearing it in my hair.  Our office Cupid went to great lengths to spread some love today and I was not going to let her down 🙂

Valentines doesn’t have to be just for lovers/married couples/people dating.  In fact, a friend of mine is doing a really sweet thing and spreading some love around Joburg.  She baked 120 delicious cupcakes:

They look really delicious don’t they!

Then she posted this message on her Facebook account yesterday:

Okay so this is how my Valentine’s Day treat is going to work. I’ll be at a few specific places tomorrow. I will tell you where, and if you would like a Valentine’s Day Cupcake which tastes awesome… then come see me. No I cannot “reserve a cupcake”. It’s first come first serve. There are 120 cupcakes. The best part… not only will you get a cupcake… but one of my amazing lalahugs… Lets be fabulous tomorrow!

What an amazing unselfish thing to do! And isn’t that what Valentines should be about? Putting someone else first.

I’m so proud to call her my friend.  I wish I thought of doing something so beautiful so instead I’m just going to spread the word about her good deed 🙂

If you’re in Joburg and want a cupcake from an amazing person, she will be in Sandton at 12:30 and then Midrand at 14:00.

{Update:  Exact locations are McDonald’s cnr of Rivonia & Grayston and Newscafe Midrand}



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