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12 Loves of my Life


I saw this Love List by Spicegoddess and was inspired to do my own.  I love so many things but these are my top 12.

First and foremost, some special mentions:   I better get this  out of the way before I find myself in the dog-box when Mr C does stumble across this post 😉 He’s my best friend and partner in crime and I just love that we’re such a good team.   Friendship really does make for a good foundation for any relationship. So that definitely makes him THE love of my life.  I also love my parents.  I know raising a kid is not easy. Even though they didn’t have much for themselves, they gave me the best of everything.  Without them I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to pursue my dreams and be the person I am today.

Now back to that list….

1.  My iPhone.  Brilliant pictures and a great tool for me to be able to run my part time business.  Plus Google is just a touch away…

2.  My overworked but very much appreciated MacBook that’s going strong even after 6+ years {August is 7 years…}  Without it I couldn’t do what I love and couldn’t have started rebelink

3.  Social media and all other forms of technology.

4.  Vanilla milkshake.  Yes I go to a restaurant and order Vanilla milkshake…

5.  Chocolate.  All kinds.  Well anything that doesn’t have raisins.  Even dark chocolate.  My absolute favourite is white chocolate. Especially the ones from Lindor. {Heaven in just one bite…}

6.  Learning new things.  {Hence Google, YouTube and Pinterest are my most visited sites.}

7.  Packaging.  This might be a strange one but given the fact that I am a graphic designer I think it’s only natural to be intrigued by, and love unique packaging. I have different colours of kraft wrapping paper, raffia and reels of ribbons of different widths and colours.  A piece of ribbon with a little bow is a small touch that can make all the difference.

8.  Theatre shows

9.  Scrabble

10.  Picnics 🙂

11.  DIY.  I love making things from found objects.  I discovered this when we were given a similar project in college.  I made a corset style top from my pink Mickey Mouse towel.  I stained it with coffee for a brownish effect, glued dried rose petals to the front and painted them over with varnish. {Btw, I got an A on that project!}

12.  Travel.  I miss this so much since leaving the US.  I got to see so many places when I lived in New York – places I never dreamed I would get to see…


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