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Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming


This year I am determined to do a few laps in my complex pool.  I enrolled for swim lessons with SwimChamps two weeks ago and although my progress is slow, I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.  Yesterday I jumped into the pool for the first time.  Now that may not seem like a big deal.  BUT IT WAS A HUGE DEAL.  It took me at least two solid minutes (Felt like ten…) to psych myself up for that jump.  My instructor is awesome, extremely patient and calm. I still haven’t got the knack of floating on my back without any help but in my defense it has only been two lessons.  I don’t mind learning slowly as long as I learn the right way and what I learn stays with me for life.

{I don’t know if it’s the chlorine but my sinuses are really blocked today.  But if that’s the price I have to pay to be able to swim, I’ll gladly put up with it.}

In these early days I look really funny in the water – with my legs going every which way, my inconsistent kicks and my head going under for a few.  I just keep thinking of the time when I will look graceful in the pool.  Hopefully by then I’ll have shed my few unwanted kilos and feel much healthier too 🙂

Eagerly anticipating my next lesson.  Who knows I might be able to swim properly by my birthday in March.  Now THAT would be awesome!


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