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Baking failures and flying saucer scones!



So this year, one of the things on my list was to bake.  I’m no Martha Stewart and am guilty of overcooking the premix cupcakes in the past.  I have no intention of becoming Betty Crocker but the pretty silicone bakeware out there has intrigued me enough to want to try a few things.  Plus it would be good to have people taste MY baking and compliment it.  After all, most of the women on Mr C’s side are domestic goddesses and mini versions of Miss Martha herself.  For once it would be nice to feel like I’m on par, if only just for a day.

Toward the end of last year I was craving my late gran’s scones.  No one could make it quite like her.  I remember walking in to the kitchen and smelling them when they came out of the oven and getting my hands on one or two (well more like 4 or 5)  while they were still warm.  I asked my cuz for the recipe and am still waiting to this day…I’m not one to wait around so I thought I could find a simple enough recipe on the internet.  I was right.  I found this easy recipe on and decided to give it a try.  It was a small enough quantity and an easy to follow recipe.  I added about a half cup of sugar and rolled the mixture into little balls with my hands as opposed to using cookie cutters.  They came out perfect and looked and tasted just as good as my gran’s.  I felt almost giddy with my first baking success.  I tried it again a few weeks later when I craved something sweet.  Once again, they were perfect.  The second success gave me the confidence to make a batch for Mr C’s aunt’s party.

About 3 days prior to the party, I got out the ingredients, went to and found the recipe and did as I did before.  Well almost.  I didn’t realise at the time that I was meant to use heaped teaspoons of baking powder and not flattened ones.  The baking powder was in one of those little sachets and was close to the end.  But it still didn’t click that it would make a big difference to the scones.  Ten minutes later and I learned the difference a heaped teaspoon can make.  They still tasted great though!

There was no way I would show these off in public, however good they tasted.  The next day I though I would try my luck again.  I really wanted to make a little basket of scones, jam and fresh cream to take over to the party.  This time it was even worse.  I got the mixture all wrong somehow and it was too weak and sticky to make into the little round balls.  I was upset that my good intentions were going straight in the garbage (literally).  It’s strange that when I was baking for myself & Mr C it came out perfectly fine.  But as soon as I tried to do it for someone else it failed miserably.  Maybe it was just the pressure of making it for the rest of the world to judge…


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