Almost 6 months later and it’s finally off!

Today I made a breakthrough.  Of sorts.

Mr C is away for the weekend on a company conference and I’m looking forward to just reading most of the day, watching chick flicks or lounging at the complex pool.  Today I also got to see one of my friends from school that I haven’t seen since graduating.  But that’s not the breakthrough…

Back in August last year, just before our wedding, I had my nails done for the big day.  It ended up being a last minute rushed thing because of transport issues and a couple of other things.  Before that I had “tested” out gel nails from Sorbet for our engagement shoot and was quite pleased with the results.  So I thought I would go the same route again but since I couldn’t make it to Sorbet, I found another nail place on short notice.  The nail technician did not have the colours I wanted in gel but did have them in acrylic.  It was two days before the wedding and I had no choice since I was not able to go anywhere the next day.  In Hindu custom once the nalangu (wedding cleansing ritual involving lots of tumeric!) is done the morning of the wedding eve, the bride/groom is not allowed to leave the home.

See they really do look pretty but what a mission to get rid of them…

The nails looked beautiful and I was pleased with the results. Up until 3 weeks later when I tried to get them off my natural nails. It was a struggle but I managed to get the ones on my hand off.  The toes were another story.  So I let them be, hoping they would grow off sooner rather than later.  No such luck.  Yes I could have just gone to a nail place and paid for a soak off, but I didn’t because  1. It’s expensive 2.  I don’t like to waste money on stuff like that (although I’m starting to rethink my decision there)  3.  I have not had the time (or could not make the time) to get down to Sorbet and have them removed professionally.

I’m my mother’s daughter in that I don’t always dress up and look put together.  Looking good isn’t a priority.  As long as I’m comfortable, I’m happy.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love putting on a cute little dress and sparkling heels once in a while.  But for the everyday stuff I’m just fine in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and pumps or flip flops.

Today I got home a little early from work and it so happened that my friend that was picking me up for a girls night, was running late.  This gave me time to paint my nails, which were in desperate need of some TLC.  The fact that I was actually clocking in some ME time was a major breakthrough but while I was at it I was determined to be rid of the last bit of acrylic that was stubbornly stuck on my big toe.  I removed my chipped polish and I’m glad to say that 6 months later and I’m finally rid of the damn thing!  Thanks to my trusty nail clipper and sturdy nail file.  Never again. Will I do that again.  Ever.  If I ever decide I need to do my nails professionally again, it’s off to Sorbet I go.  I don’t care that it’s expensive.  In the end it will spare me my natural nail and some sanity.


5 thoughts on “Almost 6 months later and it’s finally off!

  1. I’m normally keep my nails short, but went to get a manicure with my friend and the lady convinced me to get acrylic nails (they have amazing powers of persuasion). Those things were on for months and I hated it. Never again.

    1. Good to know I’m not the only one that despises them! I also like my nails short but since I’m so clumsy and get them smudged as soon as I paint them, I thought the gel or acrylic would be a good move. The gel was actually decent enough. I was able to get it off with nail polish remover and a bit of scraping lol.

  2. As a Nail Professional, I never try to persuade a client to get a service they didn’t request unless I feel it’s the right service for them. It’s so important to consult with the client before slapping something on them…especially a more permanent enhancement. 😉

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