Liebster nominations are hard work!

So I promised that I would have my Liebster nominations today and I’ve been going through the list of blogs I follow and exploring other blogs on the reader and still only have two nominees.  The problem is that most of the blogs I follow have more than 200 subscribers 😦  So although I love reading their posts and would love to share them for others to enjoy too, they don’t fall within the Liebster “rules”.  I don’t always stick to the rules, but I know that this one was made with good intentions.  So I’m going to take one more day to explore other blogs and try my best to find more cool blogs with fewer than 200 subscribers.  You see, for me it’s not just as simple as just finding a blog and nominating someone, I need to read/go through a few posts and love what I see/read.  So powers that be, please have mercy on me!


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