Zero to Hero Update

So my last ZerotoHero post was Day 7 and since then there hasn’t been any post-related tasks.  I do better with posting tasks as it give me an excuse to write.  Writing comes easily, effortlessly and allows me to escape everything around me for just a bit while I become absorbed by the story I’m telling.  {Although of late I haven’t even explored the Daily Prompt writing challenges} The non post related tasks seem to require a lot more effort but I am plodding along with them.

Day 8:  Make your About page irresistable

So Day 8 asked that we work on our About page.  Now I really love my About Page and considering that I only started my blog in November last year, it hasn’t really had time to get stale.  Originally I planned on leaving it alone but once I started this post I thought I’d take a second look at the page.  It was personal and interesting enough but I did try to keep it short, and in doing so I may have left out a few things. So I’ve edited it from the second paragraph onwards.

Day 9: Head Deeper Into the Blogosphere

Follow 5 more blogs or topics.  I’ve followed a few more blogs and topics, the one I’m most excited about is Illustrated Bites.  Heather is an illustrator and loves cooking so she illustrates the recipes that she’s tried and tested.  Being a graphic designer, I love the idea of these visual recipes as opposed to reading plain lines of text.  I don’t cook very well and have only recently started baking.  I’ve had some success with that but I think it’s mostly due to my colourful bake-ware that I received as a wedding present 😉 . Her illustrated recipes would probably help me get more excited about cooking!

Day 10:  Dress up your blog with widgets

Now this is something I’ve done already, and even though there are other widget options, there are no other ones I want to have, except maybe a Pinterest widget if I can figure out how to add it in!

Day 11:  Be a good neighbor — leave comments on three new blogs

I guess I’m a bad neighbour 😦  I have only commented on 2 blogs so far.  I reply to comments on my blog and I “like” other posts, but I’m afraid that when it comes to commenting I’m terrible.

That’s my updates for now, I’m going to leave one more comment on one other blog and pick up from there tomorrow.


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