Phoneography Challenge: Macro #1

Phoneography Challenge:  Macro #1

I wondered what I would put up for this week’s challenge. I had no idea what macro photography was until I Googled it today lol. Still not quite sure if I’ve got it right. This photo is a close up shot of the detail on my husbands wedding kurtah which I plan on selling this year! He will never use it again, so we might as well get something else done with the money πŸ™‚


Join Sally’s photo challenge here.Β  It’s loads of fun!


13 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Macro #1

  1. Macro gives the naked eye a glimpse at details that we otherwise may not notice or can see. Often the closer the shot, the more the unfamiliar is revealed. The details that you have captured are exactly the purpose: showing a small part of the whole. Nicely done. Happy Phoneography Monday.

    1. Now that is so much better than some of the descriptions I found online! I understand the concept a lot better now, thank you πŸ™‚
      Happy Phoneography Monday!

  2. This is a great shot! I did immediately go to an idea of wedding, as in dress. Then when I read your description I tried to imagine what the garment looked like. That’s what’s so fun for me with macros, imagining… Thank you for sharing the link to the full garment. Is the macro the part of the breast below the collar? PS, your husband looks very handsome and you are beautiful. Now I want to see a macro of your gorgeous sari (?). Happy Phoneography Monday!

    1. Thanks Meghan :). That really wasn’t the best pic lol. Yes you are correct in assuming that it is the breast part below the collar. The back also has such beautiful detail. I have a macro shot of my sari, that my photographer took. Will find it and share. I don’t have the sari with me, so I can’t take my own shot 😦 Happy Phoneography Monday for yesterday!

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