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I’ll see you in the morning – Part 2

“Who would be calling at this hour? Well I didn’t have time to go through the options, I just wanted the ringing to stop so it wouldn’t wake my two precious gems still peacefully asleep upstairs. I ran for the receiver but was too late, the answering machine had already taken over…” (Read the rest of Part 1 here)

“…we’re not home right now but if you leave your name and number….”  I waited for the recorded message to play out and for my mystery caller to reveal themselves.  Maybe it was my parents, calling to wish me a safe flight.  With the 7 hour time difference it was highly unlikely.   Or maybe by some twist of fate, it was the airlines informing me that my flight would be delayed.  With my mind running through the possibilities,  I felt a wave of disappointment when I heard the woman from  XYZ cabs confirm that my ride to the airport would be on time.  So much for getting a few hours extra and being able to help the kids get ready for school (alongside the new au pair) one last time.

I trudged upstairs and headed for CB’s room.  A part of me hoped he would wake up so I could get to see that broad grin and hear him say something really silly that would make me erupt in laughter.  We used to have this night time routine of him coming in to my room before bedtime and asking that I come check on him later.  I would usually be up late studying so I would happily oblige.  Sometimes when I’d go in, he would still be awake.  I would scold, he would try to get me to stay longer.  When I’d say that I  was heading back to my room, I’d usually get asked when my next check in time would be…

As I leaned forward to give him a little kiss on the forehead, he stirred, but remained captivated by his dreams.  I didn’t have the heart to wake him.   They were not due to be up for at least another hour.

Next  stop, Little H’s room – which was just next door to my old bedroom.

My mind traveled back to a time when she would come into my room in the wee hours of the morning and snuggle up with me.  I loved those mornings.  I remember Mrs X relating an incident that happened one morning:

Little H had made her way to the master bedroom, woke her mom and asked for the time.  Mom thought it a bit strange but told her it was 4am.  So H told her that she was waiting for 6 because I said she can only come in at 6, not earlier!

Oh, how I would miss these two and their antics!

I heard the cab pull up to the driveway.  It was time to go.


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