Zero to Hero: Day 7

{Day 7: Do Some More Personalizing}

If you visited my blog in the early days (Nov 2013 – early Jan 2014) you would have seen the Ever After theme, white polka dots on a green background and some pretty typography.  I knew I had to change it as some point because as much as I loved the theme, it only allowed for a one column layout – this meant that I couldn’t add a sidebar with my picture and a bio on the blog, like I’ve seen other bloggers do.  So after trying out at least 8 other themes, I settled on SemPress.  I liked the simplicity of it but missed my polka dots so I added them in – just a little lighter than before.

I also worked on a few headers.  I designed this first one back in Nov and never used it then because my theme did not support headers.  So I’m really glad that I’ve changed blog themes, now I can let my personality shine through a bit more 😉



As much as these were okay, it was still missing something


Ah now that’s much better 🙂  What do you think?

View more details on ZerotoHero here.


8 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: Day 7

  1. Really cute! Love how the header kinda looks like a tied-up bakery box 🙂

    My one suggestion would be that you think about changing or upping the size of the font you’re using for your tagline — it’s a little hard to read/not super clear at this size. Otherwise, adorable!

  2. Oh, also — if you ever decide to venture into the world of custom CSS, you might give comments and widgets a solid color background. It’d make them easier to read, and it would help give you sidebar a unified look.

    1. I actually do want to do that! Still finding my feet with this custom CSS thing though. Any chance that there is a post on how to change the CSS for the sidebar and comments?? Basically I just need to know what line of code I’m looking for, I can try and figure out the rest lol.

  3. I really like your whole look! I thought it was a paid, custom design at first 😛 Great job!
    I would agree with the comment above about solid background on certain areas, though… readability is huge but there is probably a post or wikiHow out there telling you how to do that CSS stuff 🙂

    1. Haha thanks Juliane! I’m a graphic designer so I’m big on things being visual. But since I’m not a web designer, some things are not exactly the way I want them to be 😉 The readability is bugging me now, so I might consider going back to a white background until I figure out CSS…

      1. I wondered how you came up with such an awesome header image! It isn’t that bad… the polka dots are nice. Wish I knew how to do it but I was lazy and paid for mine 😛

      2. Haha, well if you want polka dots of your own or something else, I can do a quick image for you 🙂
        I love learning new things, so I’m sure in time I’ll also learn the CSS stuff. Only thing is, I think I have to pay $30 to get access to the custom stuff. So I might have to wait a bit.

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