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Zero to Hero: Day 6

{Publish a post that includes a new element}

Yes you did read the title correctly.  We are almost on Day 8 of Zero to Hero now, but I’ve fallen a little behind.  I refuse to give up and choose to publish my posts a day or two late instead.  Like the saying goes “Better late than never” 😉

Pinterest has got to be one of the most visually stimulating social apps.  Being a graphic designer, I am big on visual elements and so it may come as no surprise to you that Pinterest is my favorite social network.  I don’t have as many followers, I don’t care too much about the number of times my pin was repinned and I could not be bothered if no one comments on my pin.  Pinterest is a social app but I use it for ME. I spend many hours in bed (before falling off to sleep) just browsing through pins for party theme inspiration,  crafty DIY’s, beautiful photography and pictures of pretty things.

Before our wedding in September last year, we chose to do an engagement shoot to avoid having to leave the wedding venue on the wedding day for our creative shoot.  Since we live in Johannesburg and the wedding (and photographer) were in Durban, we decided to do the shoot in July (when we took our invitations to Durban).

Carmen, our amazing photographer had mentioned the Inchanga train station as a cool location and we immediately warmed up to the idea.  I know it’s been over done already, but we thought we could make it work for us 🙂

Before the shoot, I obviously spent hours and hours on Pinterest, searching for ideas we could use.  You can go through my inspiration board here.

I love seeing new things on Pinterest, so feel free to share your favourite boards with me too 🙂


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