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Falling behind already

I don’t know if it’s this flu that is messing with my brain but I feel like the past two days of ZerotoHero have been a blur.  I have no idea how we even got to Day 7.

I’ve been carrying around this flu virus since Saturday with no signs of improving.  I refuse to take a sick day as I think it’s way too early to be taking sick leave.  Two big bottles of Lucozade, a good few Benylin 4in1 tablets and heaps of tissues later and I’m wondering if maybe I should rethink this no sick day thing.  Beside the horrible sensation in my nose and throat, I go from hot to cold in no time at all and for someone who doesn’t normally feel cold it’s becoming a bit of a nuisance. I switched from Benylin to MedLemon in the hopes of some relief but then yesterday I had a dizzy spell unlike any other when I got home.  Many people describe the room as spinning before their eyes and only yesterday did I experience that to its full degree.

Thanks to my lack of energy and enthusiasm (and the fact that the dizzy spell left me glued to my couch for at least an hour afterward) I didn’t get to write my second installment to the Cliffhanger writing challenge 😦 {view 1st installment here} As if that wasn’t bad enough, a quick browse through my Reader on the WordPress app brought to my attention that I was now two days behind in the ZerotoHero Challenge.  Not only was my blogging suffering but I need to follow up with at least 3 rebelink clients as I haven’t received any feedback on previous emails and texts.  But who wants to call a client when you’re feeling so lousy? Definitely not me.  Ugh.

As much as I’ve let this week get the better of me so far, I now need to fight off this virus with everything in me and get myself back on track! First to tackle a few things for my 9to5.  There’s at least three items that I can strike off today if I just push myself. Lunch will provide time to write a blog post and once home I can follow up with rebelink clients. Let’s see how it goes…


Update:  I struck two things of my list for my 9to5, caught up with the ZerotoHero challenges and followed up with my clients.  Not EVERYTHING I wanted to do, but that’s okay 🙂


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