WP Challenges

Zero to Hero : Day 4 & 5

The Zero to Hero challenges for day 4 & 5 were not posts, but rather about experimentation and exploring.

I’ve started reading more blog posts and interacting with other bloggers.  I now see how blogging can become very addictive!  {Last night, I was on my MacBook working on a post while Mr C had a movie playing on his MacBook Pro.  A movie that we were meant to watch together…}

Day 5 had asked us to try different blog theme.  Since my original one didn’t support sidebars, I knew I had to switch, even though I was reluctant to move away from the Ever After theme.  I miss my polka dots, but they would have been over kill with my current theme – maybe they will make a re-appearance later in the year 😉

I took the time to design a cover image, but now that I look at it on my own aged MacBook, it seems like the text behind the blog name is lost.  The colours on my most beloved piece of technology are admittedly not as brilliant as they once was and WYSI (no longer) WYG 😦 So hopefully it looks fine on all other computers and devices  – like on the one it was originally designed.  Either way, I’ll probably adjust it tomorrow.

I’m not too crazy about having my menu on the top, so if anyone knows how I can get rid of that (and if it’s possible with this theme) please share your expertise!

It’s still early days, but I can already see how this blog challenge is going to improve my blog and I’m so glad I decided to join in the fun…



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