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I’ll see you in the morning

Outside, a stark white blanket covered the tarred driveway and the rolling lawns.  Even the white picket fence seemed to be camouflaged by the previous night’s snowfall.  The little plastic flag on the mailbox was a speck of red on an otherwise monotone backdrop.  It seemed like the weather had personified my mood.  I could not shake my gloomy disposition – I didn’t even want to.  Goodbyes are never easy, but I wasn’t going to pretend that I was happy to leave what had been a home to me in the past year.  The home within which I had had to deal with my first ever bone fracture, the home that I was forced to spend my 21st birthday in when a raging snowstorm dashed all my party plans, the home that shaped my overseas experience and provided me with a safe haven and shoulders to lean on while I explored a foreign country.  Even though I had come alone, I never had to feel alone.  The X’es had always made me feel like one of the family, and the kids well they felt like they were part mine.

I sat staring at my suitcases and waited apprehensively for the cab to arrive.  My mind drifted back to the night before and the memory of the little hands that clung to my legs, two big blue eyes wet with tears pleading with me to not go out that night.  “But I won’t see you again”.  Those words tugged at my heartstrings.  I couldn’t bear to leave her but I knew I would get to see that beautiful face in the morning, before I left. Besides, I was already late to meet the friends I had made that year and whom I would probably never see again.  I took comfort in knowing that I would still see the X’es, even though it would be through a shiny piece of technology and a truly wondrous app that allowed us to see and hear each other even though we would soon be oceans apart. “I’ll see you in the morning”, I had promised little H. I was about to make good on my promise when I heard the shrill noise of the telephone.  Who would be calling at this hour? Well I didn’t have time to go through the options, I just wanted the ringing to stop so it wouldn’t wake my two precious gems still peacefully asleep upstairs. I ran for the receiver but was too late, the answering machine had already taken over…

*to be continued*

This post is in response to Weekly Writing Challenge:  Cliffhanger

{Update:  Read Part 2 here}


11 thoughts on “I’ll see you in the morning

    1. Thanks Lala! I couldn’t help but feel sad all over again as I wrote that post. I’m overdue for a Skype call with the family again. I will write part 2 soon, I promise 🙂

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