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Zero to Hero: Day 2

What’s your name?

November 2013: A blog is born
The fontsandfrosting name was the result of a seemingly endless search for the perfect blog name.  I came across this blog post on a fashion blog and it triggered a thought process.  The writer had asked that you “Pick your favorite fashion related item and a dessert-type food, place both together”.  Now, I am no fashionista.  I’m the girl next door, jeans and t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops kinda girl.  But I do ♥ dessert.  I may be too stuffed to eat a tiny morsel of food, but I always have place for something sweet 😉
My graphic design career has brought me such joy (for the most part) and it is very much a part of who I am.  It’s not just a 9-5, it is a hobby that grew wings and took flight.  So I made a list of graphic design related terms and dessert-type words on a couple of yellow and pink Post-its.  I knew I wanted an alliteration – they just roll off the tongue with such ease and are almost lyrical.    An hour later (might have been more, I totally lost track of time) fontsandfrosting was brought into existence…
fontsandfrosting: the golden thread?
Just a few weeks into blogging and I reached my short-term goal of 20 posts before the end of 2013 (yay!).  For just over a month I think that’s a pretty decent start 🙂
When I decided to start a blog, I wasn’t sure what I would write about.  I just figured it would be design related since I am a graphic designer. But then I got to writing and remembered just how much joy it brought me. Just writing. About anything. Taking a Daily Prompt and allowing my mind to run with it. The photography challenges have also been such a delight.  When I got my iPhone last year, I was able to nurture my love for photography.  Not with too many selfies 😉 but instead by capturing candid moments, picturesque landscapes and some abstract shots).  Now I finally have a way in which to share those photos with others who can appreciate it.
The writing and photography got me considering keeping a design blog separate from fontsandfrosting and plugged in to my company website (once completed).  When I say “company” here, I’m talking about rebel ink – a freelance design company I initially started back in 2009 to make ends meet.  It’s still in its infancy stages and I’m enjoying every step of the way to making it a company I can be proud of.  One day it will grow enough for me to quit my 9-5 😉 but until then I will continue to work full-time to pay the bills but also gain more experience along the way!

On fontsandfrosting you will see posts on photography, dessert, creative packaging, DIY, and other creative related topics interspersed with a couple of writing challenges and random musings.



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