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Zero to Hero: Day 1

Introduce yourself

I’ve covered a bit of myself and how I got to where I am in my About Me page.  I’m not going to say the same things here, so go check it out for a little more info 😉

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Above is my favorite quote of all time. I bought a bookmark with those words etched in purple script on it’s pretty silver surface during my stay in New York.  I was a young South African woman living the dream in the city that never sleeps.  Before that trip, I hadn’t even been on a plane.  My life was forever changed since that first trip to the US.  I never actually thought I’d really get to experience Disney World and I was fine with admiring the magical Disney kingdom from afar.  But that is the beauty of dreams, they may seem out there but they really can come true…

I’m a dreamer.   I believe that I will achieve everything I want to – even if it takes much longer to materialise than I initially anticipated…

In a nutshell…

I studied art & design and became a graphic designer.  I’ve been in the industry since 2006, minus one of the two years I spent in the US. I’m the only child to two quiet, simple and loving people.  Sometimes I do wish I had a sibling – if only to share the responsibility of taking care of my parents.   They’ve given me so much and expected nothing in return but I will forever be indebted to them for who I am today.

I spent my 21st birthday in New York during a crazy snowstorm.  I’ve traveled to neighboring states and the Caribbean.  I married my best friend 3 months ago.  I choose animated movies over gory horror flicks.  I’ve probably watched Shrek about 25 times (possibly more).  I love DIY and re-purposing objects.  I used to draw…

2014:  Top of my list

  • Enroll in swimming lessons once and for all!  I’m ashamed to say that this goal has been on my list since I was 20, and almost 8 years later it’s really just getting on my nerves that I haven’t crossed it off yet.  Plus I really do love the water and want to be able to do a couple of laps each week to keep fit!
  • Get my parents on an airplane – even for just a one-hour flight
  • Spoil myself
  • Grow rebel ink client base
  • Bake
  • Meet new people
  • Get in shape
  • Shiny new MacBook Pro
  • Travel more – at least one overseas trip with Mr C

You can join the Zero to Hero 30 Day Challenge too!


{I had to edit this post once Day 2’s brief came out and I realised I had already covered every bit of it in my first post}


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