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Phoneography challenge: Abstraction & Still Life

I took a few photos this morning & since this week is Challengers Choice in this WordPress Challenge, I couldn’t decide which one to go with:  Still life or Abstraction. So I chose both 🙂

Photo 1:  Abstraction

This is the silver star that sits atop our Christmas tree.  An Instagram filter produced this golden result.

photo 4

Photo 2:  Still Life

We poked a few of these beaded flowers into our garden (it was either the garden or the back of the bedroom cupboard!).  I love the clarity I got with my iPhone 4s with this one.

With Instagram filter:

  photo 5


photo 2



7 thoughts on “Phoneography challenge: Abstraction & Still Life

    1. Thanks Meghan! Instagram is my 2nd favorite app lol. I’m always messing with the different filters to improve my shots. See you again next Phoneography Monday 😉

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