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The Amazing (Christmas) Race

20131228-011302.jpgI’ve been so busy setting up my website that I haven’t had time to blog about my wonderful surprise for Christmas!

On Christmas morning, Mr C woke me up claiming to want to open his present right away. I knew he wouldn’t just let me roll over and go back to sleep so I got out of bed and headed for the tree in our living room.

I was actually meant to have one up on him this year. I thought I would give him a small box of Ferrero Rocher and the latest Whackhead Simpson CD #Trending under the pretense of not being able to afford a big gift this year. Later I would give him his real gift:  Jean Paul Gaultier EDT (This is the first year he has had to deal with aerosol sprays all year long and he’s been wanting this one for ages)

My plan went out the window when he opened the CD gift and was overjoyed! (He is a prankster himself and loves to listen to Whackhead’s prank calls on morning radio). There was really no point in holding back the other gift now, so I brought out the other box.  He was overjoyed with the contents – and I got a suffocating body squeeze in return!

He played his part well and didn’t rush me to get to my gift, but I can only imagine how he felt inside.  I was so psyched to give him his gifts (and they were just material objects), but what he had planned went far beyond the ordinary…

And it all began when I had said “Whatever you get me for Christmas, doesn’t matter what it is, just put some effort into the packaging”.

Mr C gets an A+ for effort this year! He went all out with my “packaging”, dreaming up an Amazing Race, complete with clues (even a detour!).

My mission was clearly spelled out to me:

Dear Uresha

You’re going to have to do a little more than just open a box.  Read below on exactly what you need to do.

There are a number of clues all around you, each clue will lead you to the next.  Read the clues carefully in order to find the next clue.  These clues will lead you to your gift.  Happy hunting Darling 🙂

The clues:

Clue 1:  The birds are chirping and the flowers have bloomed, oh how nice to be out there & not in this room.   Answer:  The garden

There under a real tree, awaited clue number 2.

Clue 2:  Now that you’ve reached your 2nd clue,oh oh oh how lucky are you.  With that smile on your face, I know you’re thinking, that this is way better than the amazing race.  Now let’s take a dip and a splash, hopefully there is no one there having a bash.  Answer:  The clubhouse pool

This box found its way into the pool somehow so it was a soggy mess when I opened it.  All that remained of box and clue…


Clue 3: Awesome job, you’re now at your 3rd clue.  I hope you didn’t bite off more than you can chew.  Hahaha I know this is driving u crazy but this is the end of your third clue.  Be careful, choose wisely.  Answer:  The cars

One car had the detour and the other the next clue.  I chose the right one and got the next clue but he made me do the detour anyway – after I got my gift!

20131228-125558.jpgClue 4:  Awesome!  You have chosen wisely, is it the reason you married Mr Crazy?  He may be a tad crazy, but he will forever love you and treat you as more than just his lady.  He will always protect you, love you, cherish you and be with you for eternity.  But don’t let you guard down coz he will sneak up on you and squeeze you till you’re numb!

I earned another body squeeze at this point.  {The detour clue led me to the laundry basket and a task: sing a Christmas Carol.  Only one I could think of at that point was Jingle Bells lol.}

So after I got figured that the answer to clue 4 was the guardhouse, we walked to the front of the complex and I was given my gift by the cheerful Sibusiso 🙂 I wanted to put up the video but can’t seem to log on to YouTube through my phone…Will see if I can figure it out later.

My grand prize: A rose gold FOSSIL watch.  It’s the first brand name I’ve wanted & got from my list of 3 (Converse takkies and a pair of Levis jeans are the other two)


I hope you all received a bit of Christmas cheer this year! I sure did.  Twas’ the best Christmas I’ve ever had.  So far 😉



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