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{DIY} cutlery caddy


Even though I’ve been busy for most of the holidays trying to get some of my business stuff done, I still found some time for a bit of crafting.

Cutlery holders are so expensive these days – we bought one a while back but it wasn’t enough to hold everything.  I ended up using a cardboard box that I received bath products in as a makeshift holder.  It’s been over a year and it was starting to look untidy. So instead of buying another holder I made myself an inexpensive and pretty utensil caddy.

I took an empty coffee can, removed the label and washed it out. Once dry, I spray painted it white and added a ribbon and silver buckle for embellishment.  Mr C says it looks store bought 🙂

Only after the can was complete did I realise that it was too short to hold all the long knives and other utensils without tipping it over 😦 So I did the only thing I could do in this situation and made a taller one! I didn’t have any more cans so I took an old Nesquik plastic container, cut off the top bit and sprayed it white.  I took some bronze thread and wrapped it around to add a bit of detail.


20131228-152400.jpgNow the store bought one looks really boring!  Think I might have to add a ribbon or something to spruce it up 😉



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