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The perfect day

I awoke to a faint buzzing sound in the distance this morning. I knew I should have brought the darn phone to the room last night. The buzzing resumed.  I cursed to myself. It was Mr C’s alarm that he sets for “every day” instead of “weekdays”. Thankfully the noise was mostly smothered by our couch – where he had left his BlackBerry the night before. For a moment I debated getting up and retrieving the phone.  Who was I kidding? There was no way I would fall asleep again if I got out of bed now. There was only one thing to do.  I rolled over, snuggled into the duvet, blocked out the incessant buzzing that ensued every few minutes and fell into a deep sleep again.

An hour later, I felt more rested and eager to get my day underway.  Usually the weekends are more crammed than our work days, so sleeping in and taking it easy is our idea of heaven on earth.  I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and put the kettle on.  I’m not a coffee or tea addict but I am trying to achieve my perfect body. Cinnamon, honey and hot water has become part of my morning routine. It speeds up my metabolism, and combined with a simple exercise routine it has proved to be quite effective.  Now if only I could stick to a routine for longer than 3 months…

Mr C awoke from his deep slumber long after I had showered, changed and settled into a comfy position on the couch with my aging, slightly cracked but ever so dependable MacBook. It was almost noon and our only plans for the day were to pick up my online order at my nearest Readers Warehouse.  The sooner we got that done, the sooner we were free to spend the day any way we chose to.


I quickened my step as the bursting bookshelves came into view. I let go of Mr C’s hand and went wandering by myself.  I felt exhilarated – that feeling that any book lover gets when they walk into a space that’s overflowing with books.   Tales of adventure, intrigue, romance and deception.  There is nothing quite like embracing a book in your hands, caressing the embossed cover, or eagerly turning the pages as you fall deeper into the author’s web and become hungry for more…

My order was already paid for, so all I needed to do was give the person at the counter my order number, get my books and leave.  But I couldn’t.  Clothes I can resist, shoes I can walk away from without thinking twice, but books? Not a chance.  The books I ordered were actually for a rebel ink giveaway in the new year and it had been ages since I bought myself a book.  So I was determined to treat myself! I didn’t break the bank, I bought just one other book and we left.

We purchased a few other items we needed for our home from WestPack Lifestyle and were homeward bound.


Mr C takes over the kitchen on weekends.  Well the stove and counter space anyway – dishes are still left to me (We are so getting a dishwasher when we have a larger place and the extra cash!) He loves his curry whereas I am fonder of “English food”.  The weekends are his chance to satisfy his curry cravings.  He is a brilliant maker of curries, many a house guest has complimented his curry.  Today’s menu:  Chicken Curry with Sugar Beans + Rice.

He prepped while I put away the shopping.  We had bought a filing cabinet to put into our bedroom cupboard to house all my craft supplies neatly so I was busy packing everything into the drawers when I heard Mr C call out from the kitchen “Babe, what Christmas song would you like to listen to?”.  I replied with “All I want for Christmas is youuuu”

Seconds later, Mariah Carey was blaring through our petite but powerful docking station 🙂  I absolutely love Christmas music and movies – not sure where that came from as it’s not really a Hindu holiday! Mariah faded out and a few other songs followed before my DJ informed me that we’d be hearing Michael Bublé Christmas music next. I got back to my task and was startled when Mr C came in.  He pulled my arms and led me to the living room.  The tree was lit and the lampshade turned on. We held each other close and moved slowly on the tiled floor.  He twirled me around, attempted a few dip and chided me when I didn’t go backwards far enough.  We smiled at each other, and even laughed a little.  {The last time we slow danced together was at a friend’s birthday a few months ago –  and that was only because we wanted to give the leading couple some company on the dance floor until everyone else was comfortable (or drunk) enough to make their way to the floor}  Then he lifted me off my feet and spun around until the room was spinning even when we had stopped.

Most of the evening was spent in this way, with Mr C checking on his curry on then checking in on me with hugs and kisses.  Usually I don’t get to listen my type of music, but today that’s exactly what I got.I totally got spoiled today.  And it wasn’t even my birthday.  I sang along to the words I knew so well, he joined in when he could.  We ate dinner together side by side and played Scrabble afterward.  It was the best Christmas I’ve had (Yes Christmas is still a few days away, but today felt like Christmas to me).  It’s those simple moments that make me the happiest, and today was a collection of simple moments, happy moments and memories for years to come.

We were meant to have guests over for dinner and we were a bit disappointed when they cancelled.  But now I’m so glad they did. If they hadn’t I wouldn’t have got the perfect end to a perfect day.

All that’s left to say is thank you Universe for blessing us with a beautiful day and thank you to my crazy fun loving husband that my life would be terribly boring without…



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